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Pierre-Luc Labbée

President  •  Creative Talent Strategist

I live to empower creative collisions. For the last 13 years, I have traveled all over the world and all over the web to connect with rare talents—creative, technical, and executive. Working in gaming, global advertising, and film visual effects, I noticed that most companies had the same problems: few human resources specialists really understood the business issues of these creative industries and are therefore challenged to authentically connect with an international creative workforce.

Rhum is my answer to the call for a collective of specialists who intuitively understand the needs of both the organization and the creative professional.  

Welcome to my house, relax, let me offer you a taste of rhum.

pl@rhum.hr    linkedin    514 554 8821

Dana Ramnarine, Vice President

Dana Ramnarine

Vice President  •  Creative Talent Strategist

I’m an architect of highly innovative teams, helping businesses steer through the (often depleted) talent pools around the world to attract and retain humans with high potential. I’ve spent almost 15 years helping grow some of the world’s most innovative and successful creative and technical companies, exploring innovative and effective tools to find, attract, and retain incredible people. Here at rhum, I feel like I’m finally ‘home’ with amazing people to bring deeper value to growing creative companies around the globe.

Let’s build great teams together!

dana@rhum.hr    linkedin    604 807 4627

Emilie Benabou

Emilie Benabou

HR Specialist - Creative Talent

Rhum summed it up very well: humans and resources. I strongly believe that when humans are at the core of the organisation’s strategy, they are inspired to create incredible things. As a visual art enthusiast, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help the creative industry achieve that goal. 

I have been travelling around a lot, learning about people’s realities and connecting with many cultures. Similarly, Rhum is where I can fulfill my thirst for open discussions about experiences and passions.

With a VFX background as a HR Professional, I have been in awe of the people’s talent in the creative world. In fact, I seek to use the same level of imagination in what we do; finding the perfect fits and helping retain them by a variety of adapted approaches and innovative solutions. 

Feel free to connect and let’s have a chat! 

emilie@rhum.hr    linkedin

Stéphanie Angrignon

Stephanie Angrignon

Creative Talent Recruiter

My love for the digital world began a very long time ago; in fact, it has never stopped growing since. Starting from my scholarship in cinema, my experience at the campus en art et divertissement numérique, or my presence at the Montreal International Game Summit during my human resources studies, my love for the creative field only evolved. 

Rhum allows me to pair all my passions under one convenient roof. Here, there is room for ideas, development as well as discussion.

Can't wait to meet you!

stephanie@rhum.hr    linkedin

Dominique Drouin

Dominique Drouin

Creative Talent Recruiter

When I started as an IT recruiter, the programmers and artists that dreamed of integrating into the gaming industry were the ones who sparked my interest to join it myself. 

I fell in love with the passion creative people have to constantly innovate and do things differently than everyone else.

It is within this universe that I decided to evolve, and it is at rhum that I found this path. The creative world in the broad sense and the evolution of the people within it is exactly where I belong.

dominique@rhum.hr    linkedin


Oliver O’Donnell

Creative Talent Recruiter

After finally getting my hands on a Playstation when I was a child, I knew I wanted to forge a pathway for myself in the creative and digital world. My love for the industry has never stopped growing and working with top creative talents has only strengthened my love for digital media and tech.

I have travelled extensively and I firmly believe in building strong connections at a human level. My life purpose is to explore new cultures & build fun, loving relationships so we can create positive change. Joining Rhum has allowed me to integrate my life purpose with my work. Rhum's supportive environment has enabled me to forge strong, positive relationships with our clients to achieve success while growing their teams. This, in my eyes, is ultimately fulfilling.

I'd love to get to know you better and help explore your next adventure. Let’s connect and have a chat!

oliver@rhum.hr    linkedin

Stewart Pug



OMG I’m so hungry. If I wasn’t around, humans would end up losing dozens of balls every day. I just pooped somewhere, but I’m not going to tell them where it is. 

What if I never find out who’s a good boy?

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We believe multidisciplinarity is the key to any innovative project.

Rhum has built strategic partnerships with specialists to help you move effectively through any talent challenges. Our partners include:

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  • Technical recruiters

  • Business intelligence consultants

  • Clowns, drag queens and magicians (yup.)