A business owner we admire : Marc Morissette, Cluster

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This week, we had the chance to go visit Cluster’s brand new offices in Montreal! What a cool and authentic discussion we had!

Marc Morissette, who has quite an impressive background, having worked at Digital Domain, MPC, Rodeo (to name a few), started Cluster a few weeks ago. Marc also has a great passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge. He taught at NAD in Compositing and always had talent development at heart.

From our discussions, Marc has a very broad vision of the industry, and didn’t necessarily agree to traditional business models, studio cultures and work hours. He thought about a way to bring back his work to a human scale, the fun way. He decided to start Cluster to make things differently, enjoy a quality of life while still innovate in the projects he is working on. His clients have a wide range of needs, from managing shoots, to post production and vfx, for TV, advertising, film or corporate projects. He also has a cool green screen studio that allows him to basically do things very quickly and be very agile in the way he operates. We already have a few ideas for a rhum video ;)

Marc is a passionate, connected entrepreneur who decided to make the jump and do things differently, which is something we can definitely relate to.He told us about a few really cool initiatives he will put together in the next few months (which we can’t talk about but OMG IT IS COOL), and we will definitely follow him closely.

We’re total fans!

Congratulations for following your dreams and values Marc! We raise our rhum glass to you! Cheers!

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Pierre-Luc Labbee