A business owner we admire : Camille DG, Codmorse

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You’ve all probably seen her awesome Instagram account full of dreamy trips, awesome fashion and workout inspirations. But behind this very known brand that is Le Cahier, one of the most read blogs in Quebec, there is a determined, driven, and smart business woman. From her background as one of the first public figures to use social media as a marketing tool, Camille founded Codmorse, 9 years ago. Camille has developed an expertise in Community Management, Social Media Strategies, PR and Content Creation for many brands such as Metro, Pepsi, Rogers….to name a few.

Camille was born to be an entrepreneur, and started Codmorse when she was only 22 years old. For the last 9 years, Camille and her team built a respectable agency, being one of the first ones in Montreal to truly explore community management for business and use every channel efficiently.

As we were building rhum, Camille welcomed us as ‘'roommates’’ for a year in her really trendy office in the Mile-End, as we were growing. I have learned so much from her and I feel truly blessed to have crossed path with this strong, influential woman. Not only is she an example to every aspiring entrepreneur, but she is also one of the most energetic people I know (seriously, she’s a machine…she kicks my butt at the gym every time!) ;)

Codmorse is growing rapidly, with bigger bolder projects coming up. And guess what : They’re hiring ;)

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Pierre-Luc Labbée

Pierre-Luc Labbee