rhum is celebrating Pride with the VFX/CG Industry and LCGBT! Here's why!

Exciting news!! Rhum is partnering up with the LCGBT Montreal (Lesbien Gay Bi and Transexual in Computer Graphics) Community for this year’s Parade at the Pride festival, happening August 19th. 

We are so happy to announce that we are going to be marching with the brand new VFX float where all the VFX community is invited.  Last year,  LCGBT Montreal participated for the first time to the Montreal Parade; this year in collaboration with rhum, we are going BIG. Expect a huge float, soundtrack music, movie character costumes, VFX themed decoration, and tons of fun in the sun! 

This project is rhum’s third major initiative this year, following the launching of the soccer league in the CG industry as well as the rhum sessions, a space where juniors had the chance to be given constructive feedback from the most talented Artists/Managers out there. 

Why is it so important for us to get involved in Montreal Pride? Even though we speak a lot about inclusion in the workplace, employers are still not familiar with how they can create an environment that truly supports diversity.  We don’t mean to be tedious, but here is a few stats:
According to the 2014 In & Out study of Canadian workplaces, around 30% of LGBT participants reported experiencing discrimination in the workplace as opposed 3% of the general population.

According to Pride At Work Canada, only 59% of organizations communicate strong leadership message on the importance of LGBT inclusion in the workplace to all employees.

That said, with Montreal’s visual effects industry growing so strong, rhum wanted to give the opportunity to local studios to continue this success story and start becoming diversity pioneers in the CG world.  

Emeric Renard, President of  LCGBT Montreal underlines the importance of the VFX industry to get involved “ I think our industry is entirely based on passion and personal involvement, which can create a subtle line between private and professional life. It's important to me that the whole VFX industry and the studios are all getting involved, in inclusion as well as education and information on any kind of diversity, including LGBTQ diversity.” 

Rhum helped organized the Parade’s VFX float, mainly by managing the fundraising project in which all Montreal studios are invited to participate.  We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight this year’s generous sponsors. Major thumbs up to:

Atomic Fiction

The Mill
Rodeo FX
Alchemy 24

The whole event will be filmed and a video will be released where all the stated studios will make an appearance.  

For more information, go have a look at the LCGBT Facebook Page as well as the VFX Pride Parade Event and don’t hesitate to connect. 

It is always a pleasure for me to talk about diversity and inclusion. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to chat!

Emilie Benabou, Creative Talent Recruiter and HR Specialist

Here is an overview of all the fun we’ve had that day!!!

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