rhum's soccer league season 2 kicks off!

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Summer is right around the corner and we are thrilled to announce the second edition of rhum's soccer league!

This league is part of our DNA as it reunites the creative community to exchange, have fun, play outside, collaborate and build relationships among each other. Most of us stay in front of a computer all day long creating amazing arts and tools and there is nothing like a healthy exercise break with coworkers and friends to keep our brain focused and happy.  

Starting this week, 8 teams will be gathering each Wednesday at McGill’s Forbes field and compete in order to get their place in the playoffs and eventually be the champion of this year! Everyone is welcome to come and cheer for their favorite teams!

Thank you to all the studios that are taking part in this and we wish a happy season to every player from the teams :)





-Method Studios Mtl


-Rodeo FX

-Mill Film

This project is part of a series of initiatives that reflects rhum - human and resources to its core. Since we started, we organized the rhum sessions which gives the opportunity to the artists to show their reel and get constructive feedback from the seniors of the industry. Last year was huge with our implication with the LCGBT at the gay pride parade (see article here) and it was the first edition of the soccer league. Stay tuned for more community project this year.

For more information, contact steph@rhum.hr anytime.

We wish an amazing season to all the players and their supporters!

Pierre-Luc Labbee