rhum humans and resources

we are rhum.

We are about humans. And resources. In that order. 

With teams based in Montreal and Vancouver, and clients across North America, we are here to disrupt the HR function, providing a new level of support to business teams while helping candidates across the globe as they explore new career adventures.

We believe in flourishing talent communities, not static pipelines. We are partners to our client's internal teams to build and execute effective hiring and talent branding strategies. Since rhum’s inception, we have been successfully assisting a wide range of clients in creative industries such as VFX, gaming, marketing, VR, AR, technology, design and advertising.

Our approach is thoughtful, authentic and tuned in to the unique demands of creative industries and the people that power them.  

It’s not about filling desks. It’s about finding the right people, managing them well, and retaining them.

recruitment and sourcing

Whether managing talent already in your pipeline, or seeking out fresh faces, rhum  recruiters are equally skilled in quickly casting that key position or building large and diverse teams over several months.

  • Executive and technical head hunting
  • Sourcing services
  • Talent acquisition services management
training and workshops

Talent acquisition and management has never been more complex, strategic or exciting than it is right now.

Our trainings, workshops, and coaching can lead your recruiting team off the beaten paths to connect with rare talent or inspire your management and HR team to better understand and manage creative talent. 

Through defined workshops and customized trainings, rhum will invigorate and equip your team with a complete set of tools to attract best in class talent and learn how to manage them without frustrating them. 

  • Training programs for management and HR teams
  • Workshops and team building
  • Coaching and explosive brainstorming
attraction strategy consulting

We are experts in standing out. We’d like to help you stand out too as an employer of choice. 

A clear point of view on employer brand is key to the success of a growing business. But positioning an organization against the competition and attracting the best talent can be a complex and nuanced process----a daunting exercise when you are focused on forward momentum. Our team at rhum can help guide your thinking, optimize your internal processes and support you in effectively marketing your brand.

  • Analysis and repositioning of employer brand 

  • Content and communications consulting

  • Production of promotional material and dedicated platforms 

  • Implementation and optimization of talent acquisition processes 

HR consulting

Our team can help you manage, structure, motivate, and train, differently.  

Whether you are launching, expanding, or innovating your approach to human resources, we know the drill.

Efficient processes and inspired initiatives are fundamental to a high functioning HR model, which is essential to sustainable success.  Rhum can confidently advise you on pay scales, internal policies, performance management, career management, and employee experience models that perform at all levels.

  • Complete range of HR services
  • Organizational diagnostics
  • HR processes implementation
  • Internal communication modeling
  • Engagement evaluation and optimization
international mobility

The creative business world is increasingly global, and as a consequence, competition now comes from all corners of the world. So should your talent.

Rhum’s international team can help you navigate new frontiers,  from visa and work permits, to international relocation, we can make the implementation of an international hiring process smooth sailing. 

  • Legal advice and immigration
  • International moving and customs 
  • Positioning on a global front